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Choosing a New Hairdresser

Posted By Colin Moxey  
15:00 PM

Going to a new Hairdresser can be just a little bit daunting. It is often compared to going a first date, as you can be both anxious and excited!

Most clients start to look for a new stylist when they get bored or disappointed with the results their current hairdresser is giving them. Another reason could be that the hairdresser has just simply moved on and clients can feel abandoned and at a loss to where to start looking for a good replacement stylist.

There are plenty of social media forums and review sites that are a great way of window shopping and narrowing down the choices. They can be a great help finding a salon culture that suits you. Good and recent reviews from their customers usually mean it’s a good Hair Salon.

It's always a great idea to book a consultation ( they are usually free of charge) to bounce around some ideas with them. If you don’t feel like a change of hairstyle, a first visit is also great way to test out how good they are at listening to you and how they are at re-creating your existing look. Go for a light trim or even just a blow dry before you go for a big change –it’s a great icebreaker and you can decide whether you like the salon set up and you should be able tell how professional the staff are by the way the salon looks and how they interact their existing clients.

If the salon has a good vibe and a lot of smiley faces as well as great looking hair on the staff and their clients, you may be in the right place!

The Appointment 

If it’s your first visit you have an opportunity to remind the stylist you previously met of some of the ideas you had from your initial consultation.

Go prepared; take some images of some hairstyles that you love. Hairdressers by their very nature work better with visuals and it can save you a whole lot of time describing that new look to them.

Even though your hair may not match the images exactly, it can certainly let the hairdresser know where you are coming from and they may suggest alternatives that would suit you better.. (A good stylist won’t push you into anything that you don’t want to do.)

Allocate plenty of time so you can relax and not worry about having to rush your stylist. Good salons usually give a longer appointment time to new clients so they can get to know you and do the best job they can.

If you are in a hurry, your hairdresser has to be in a hurry. A first haircut is all about them getting to know you and your hair. Lifestyle in many cases equals hairstyle.

How Was It For You?

Nothing beats a great haircut-especially if you love it. If it’s a completely new look for you and your owning it, even better!

Don’t be surprised if the salon you visited calls you or emails you a week after your appointment to see how you went. It means they genuinely care about you and that is a good thing.

If you have had a big change of hairstyle and are maybe just a little bit unsure about how you look- that is completely natural. You are only human after all (It’s a bit like wearing a new hat that you can’t take off.) Give you new look a few days and get some opinions from friends. Positive comments can be so reassuring and you should start to love it after a while.

If you are still unsure, call the salon and let them know, as in some cases it can be hard to nail a new hairstyle on the first visit.

Nine times out of ten, a good hairdresser will get your hair just right by the time your ready for your next visit.