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Meet The Team

At Colin Moxey Hairdressing our team of motivated stylists will strive to provide the highest level of professionalism for each and every client, with a view to building a long-lasting relationship of trust and loyalty.

If you would like to choose us as your hair salon, we would like to think you will be in great hands with any one of our talented team of cutters, stylists and colourists.


Cutting, Styling, and Colour

Colin is the owner and the Creative Director of the salon. He has been living and working in Melbourne for over 20 years. Early in his career he trained and worked with some UK's top hairdressers. He really loves his work and having such great team around him as well as many happy loyal clients is a very big part of that.

Starsign Taurus 

Fave Food Indian 

Fave Haircut  Long Textured Layers 

If you weren't a Hairdresser what would you be? Landscape Gardener or Music Producer

If you could rid the world of one thing what would it be? Greed

Secret Talent? Rock Guitarist





Cutting & Styling 

Richard is a Principal Stylist who has a wealth of experience in Hairdressing. He has gained a lot of respect from his peers from his time in the industry. He treats every client as an unique individual and will meticulously create a great look for everyone who sits in his chair.He is drawn to the instant change and gratification that comes with a good haircut. 

Starsign Sagittarius

Fave Food Fresh and Interesting Salads

Fave Haircuts Structural shapes and textures that suit Individuals

Secret Talent?  Creative sculptural artist

Fave Music Genre? Electronic

If you could rid the world of one thing what would it be? Lack of empathy


Cutting, Styling and Colour

James has been honing and perfecting his skills with us for a few years now and is your go to stylist for your Cutting, Colour and Styling needs. He is also our Keratin Smoothing Treatment specialist. Our clients love James as he knows exactly how to make them look and feel fabulous every visit with his stying skills.

Starsign Cancer

Fave Food Any Fried Chicken dish prepared by a certain Southern Colonel

If you weren't a hairdresser what would you be? A space host for Virgin Galactic.

Favourite Quote?  "Life is really simple, but people insist on making it hard."

What would be your superpower? To have the power to change probability.



Cutting, Styling & Global Colour

Natalie has a wealth of experience in the hair industry. Her epic blow-waving skills are the stuff of legends, so much so that some of her many clients have given her the title of 'The Best Blow-Waver this side of the Yarra'.

Natalie is available every day apart from Fridays

Starsign Pisces

Fave Food Italian of course!

What do you do to relax? Yoga, Pilates, Swimming and Pinot Noir

Where is your happy place? Anywhere with blue skies, white sands, warm seas and bright sunny days

Secret Talent? Natalie makes a mean Linguine


Head Colourist

Louise is our Principal Colourist with over 25 years in the industry.

She really shows her talent when dealing with difficult heads of hair and is passionate about all aspects of hair colouring. It's for that very reason that she has so many long term loyal clients.

Louise is currently only available on Tuesday's, so it is advisable that you book your time with her, well in advance.